We deliver a full range of consulting for agri businesses and farmers including business plans, business appraisal and economic reports

Expert Witness Service

We can provide an expert witness service on economic, financial and regulatory matters with regard to the farming and food sectors in any proceedings before a Court, Tribunal, Appeals Body or Arbitration Hearing.

Farm Credit & Finance

Access to the cost of credit will continue to be a major factor in the success of farm business.  In addition to resolving the current credit problems, we have considerable expertise in the formulation of business plans and financial projections for the purpose of making submissions and applications to financial institutions for farming and Agri-Business finance.


Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

We provide an expert and accredited mediation service for all disputes in the farming and Agri-Business sector. For example disputes (including loan restructuring) with banks and credit institutions, disputes with Government and public bodies, farm input supply companies, purchasers of farm output and disputes between individual farmers.


As part of package of services, and separately, our senior Consultant Ciaran Dolan given his experience ,expertise and professional qualification provides a first class negotiation service on behalf of individuals farmers and agrifood firms.

Representation & Lobbying

Our company has considerable experience and expertise to provide a professional representational and lobbying service including the drafting of submissions to Government, public bodies and EU institutions.

In addition we undertake a full range of lobbying services for our clients.